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A company from China specializing in manufacturing LED lights.
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Find your favorite product

Get in touch with your first point to our FORESIGHT team. They will assist you through the selections of all kinds products according to your required specifications.This includes the click-lock the product list where is shows on our website. You will be given detailed product informations and technologies,it will be a breeze.

After the selection process free samples will be delivered for visual and quality check.

Ordering & Payments

When you are driven with inspiration for your projects in FORESIGHT,we believe that you should be able to purchase your favorite & needed product, no matter what. Our teams will assist through the quotation and payment methods and term that is most suited for your region and capacity.

FORESIGHT offers the best services to make your dream projects into reality.FORESIGHT has a steady production & design team and positive credit guarantee for the past 15 years consecutively.

Inspection, Insurance & Logistics

Our exporting experience for more than 15 years has enabled us to build our services and solutions in consulting, technology and operations that help you with your any projects around the world.

We've got you covered: Inbound and outbound logistics, stocking goods, shipment, door to door delivery and prompt delivery time.

Feedback & After Sales

FORESIGHT's effective sales & technical department are tailored to solve your problems.

We continue to deliver business efficiency by providing timely solutions for all products, how to prepare for new product and being there with you throughout your journey even after-sales.

Over the years our team has gathered a shared understanding of what-to-do in any situations.


Whether you would like to purchase our product with FORESIGHT branding or if you need to customize the product as per your specifications,We have the professional team to design your catalogues, product boxes and marketing materials as per your brand requirements.

FORESIGHT designs are trendy and up-to-date with most advanced techniques of 3D-HD printing technology.

Certifications & Qualification

We keep our products in standard to quality product in the market and back them with industry-leading warranties and certificates.Our products passed CE,RoHs,FCC,UL certification etc.

All our products adhere to the European and US regulations & standard. You can make your Purchase with full confidence.

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